Wadasia Warrior Rankings

King of WadAsia ~ Tracker
Master Knightsman ~ Draven
Junior Knightsman ~ Sir Jeffulot
Trainee ~ Kev LOD
Assistant Trainee ~ Bodhisattva
Sword Polisher ~ Iron
Jester ~ Echo
Troll ~ Destructus Maximus
Gimp ~ Nugent Whackmaster
Gimp's Bitch ~ Bad Mo Fo

Our Crown & Its History

ONLINE REUNION SCHEDULED: August 2015. Email us to make arrangements.

NOTE: "We are in no way, shape, manner or form responsible for your sanity. Furthermore, we don't really kill each other, we merely try; We rarely cross that fine line between yours and mine, and the dollar bill you found the other day was niether."

Email us: team6@wadasia.com

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