he King, Sir Jeffulot had called for a town meeting. Anxious to hear the great wisdom of the mighty warrior, the crowd gathers just outside his chamber window. At exactly noon, the King did appear to the crowd, sporting a Big Lid with a crown placed at the very top of it. The crowd cheered and applauded at the light and humerous King, for he loved fun as much as the next guy.

After the crowd had calmed (when the guards appeared near the crowd), The King addressed them... "Hear ye! Hear ye! I have a few words for you!"... the crowd listened with great anticipation, for he knew all, and they didn't. "I must say it has been a fine fine week here in WadAsia has it not?"... one warrior trainee cheered out loud and was dismembered and thrown to the moat to entertain the aligators. The King doth grin.

"I have enjoyed the calm of the nights, the ease of the days, and mostly, the peace that has come to this now and once again great land of WadAsia..." he again glances toward the moat, catching a quick glimpse of a leg.

"Strange though..." says the King... "The spot on my chamber wall still remains barren, begging to be covered with the ancient royal scroll... MESSENGER!!!!!..." the King shouts, suprising the crowd, sending them to the outside edge of the courtyard, leaving the center with no one but a lowly messenger peering up at the frustrated King. "You(the King points)... You will take this note to the Bon Bon, Jon the Awful.... You will deliver it fast yes?!!!!..." the King exclaims as he reaches for a bow and arrow that leaned against the window. He attaches a message with a little green ribbon on it, and pulls gently and steadily back and takes careful aim... The messenger begins to quiver and his knees buckle from beneath him, making him a difficult target for the King. Nevertheless, the King sends the arrow straight and true, carrying the message into the ass of the messenger. He lets out an insane cackle (the King that is) as he begins to shout at the messenger and the crowd... "Tell that bastard I will NOT tolerate lolligagging!!!! I.... WANT.... MY... SCROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!" . The messenger crawls toward the castle entrance to find his horse waiting, and the amazed crowd claps and cheers at what, they do not know. The King again returns to his chamber to paint and drink fine wines and ponder the finer things.
~ The WadAsian High Council

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