s the long, cold winter shows no signs of relenting, Lord Azrael grows restless with the desire to kill for sport. A weary traveller approaches and asks for money. Before he is beheaded for begging, he mentions that the king of WadAsia, Sir Jeffulot, claims he has run out of worthy opponents and is looking for fresh blood to challenge the crown. Having heard of the great battles that take place there, Lord Azrael packs his trusty sword and several fair maidens to keep him warm on his journey.

The countryside is already littered with the carcasses of fallen kings. Undeterred, Lord Azrael continues on his way to the castle doing battle with travelling rogue warriors along the way. Growing confident with his abilities, he approaches the castle with a challenge for an exhibition match.

Sir Jeffulot accepts the challenge after a brief bout with oxygen deprivation caused by laughing hysterically. As he stands up, he realizes his pants have fallen down around his ankles revealing a genuine Victor's Secret Lace Wonder Strap. After a brief orientation ceremony, the two meet in the arena where Jeffulot wins, although not as easily as expected. Lord Azrael realizes there is much to be done here and decides to stay and travel the WadAsian countryside looking for more victims to hone his skills.

Soon Lord Azrael will return to relieve the king of his rightful duties and give WadAsia a new king worth more than the piles of excrement festering throughout the castle. As Lord Azrael walks away from the castle, he turns and shouts at the king for all to hear, "Congratulations and all that crap, now don't forget to adjust your Wonder Strap!"
~ The WadAsian High Council

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