nce upon a time, millions of years ago when the planet was being formed, along with the fiery lava flow from the bowels of the planet, a strange and bizzare substance flowed towards the top of the surface. Instead of reacting with the abundance of other chemicals, like the first amino acids that started all life on the planet, this vile and bizarre subtance laid dormant lying just inches below the planet's surface. It slumbered through millions of years of change and evolution. With no explanation, this hideous substance of unkown and malignant origin began to react with the seweage of society. After years of these reactions, the incipid substance began to form a being that resembled a man, but it was no man.

At it's birth, this vile creature laid havok upon all mortal humans, all the while realizing it's superior origin. With superior intellect and strength, this anti-man has blended into society in order to anihilate all that is living from within, much like a parasitical virus. It's sole purpose of existance is only to destroy. Venturing from kingdom to kingdom, slowly laying waste to all, this monstosity is on way to Wadasia. Unbeknownst to all, this harbringer of death and decay plans to slowly gain the populace's confidence and then obliterate them. Only a handful of survivors from it's exploits have lived long enough, as they are all dead now, to tell of the carnage this anti-man has bestowed uopn the face of the planet.

Shortly before dying of a mysterious and evil flesh eating bacteria, given to this poor peasant farmer by the fowl beast, her last words were...."He looked like a noble man, come to save us all. Instead he destroyed us all. His saintly exterior was a farce. I saw him change into that hideous beast. It had eight eyes, a tail with enormous spikes, three arms with razor sharp claws, fangs the size of daggers, three ludicrously enormous penises that spwered forth a vile substance that disintegrated everything it touched. It was hideous. It particularly enjoyed feasting on hordes of young women. We had thought we killed it. But it rose from it's ashes only to become stronger. I have seen the face of death. It is this creature of evil. And it has name. Some called it Carnal, Duke of Dismemberment or Grotus the Devourer. It even became known to be called the Spewmeister. But it has only one true name. This is what I heard it call itself, let the world know that death has a name....... ...........Phallus the Penetrator. Beware."
~ The WadAsian High Council

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