'was a dark night in the Land of Wadasia and as Jeff was looking for Lowly maidens to blow a load on, out of the bushes arose I with a fierce and determined grin! "I will knock you down Sir Jeffulot and take your rank" Sir Jeffulot trembled with fear and said to thee "Well then my fellow warrior prove to me your worthiness of such a rank"

It was a close battle but I set him back to the lowlands whimpering and whining Sir Miss-alot I mean Jeffulot is now sitting upon a tree stump, with chin in hand, pondering how such a new man to the land became so fierce!

I laugh in confidence knowing that the King Only has a few more days in his reign before I set him back to the lowlands with the assistant trainee to ponder how I arose to such greatness! I am to be feared for I am King and You just dont know it yet! H ah ah ah ha!

The Master Knightsman!
~ Property of The WadAsian High Council

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