he Bon Bon the Awful receives a message from a bald maiden. Too horrified by this sight of a shaven headed incredibly overweight maiden, the Awful One takes many an hour to consider the contents of the golden egg.

Upon the realization that only the "Boy-King" Kevvy consistently employs maidens that weigh the equivalent of the castles entire eastern wall, the Awful One doesn't read the tiny parchment for many hours. Bon Bon merely tosses it between himself and his favorite exotic dancer for what seems an eternity, as Bon Bon continuously drops the golden egg due to the distraction of this maidens extremely large breasts! He is preoccupied by things of greater importance...

Following the climax of Bon Bon's "egg toss", the Awful One sits upon the great wooden bench that was placed in "Bon Bon Square" during his amazingly lengthy reign as King of WadAsia. Squinting to see the words on the tiny parchment Bon Bon the Awful jumps to his feet and roars, "Death to the Paulster! Having achieved Master Knightsman of WadAsia is indeed an honor, but one that I intend to strip from your quivering hands!"

A maiden with flowing blonde hair is dispatched to the cave in which the Paulster is known to frequent. In that the Paulster's cave is in such close proximity to the "Boy King" Kevvy's "Cave O' Captivity", a huge maiden is sent there with a message for the King upon his being dethroned by the Awful One. She has been instructed to wait for his arrival, the King will appreciate this gift.

The Paulster is hereby challenged to a contest of five! What say you?

Bon Bon Jon The Awful

~ Property of The WadAsian High Council

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