h yes I knew the time would come for the day that I would rule the Kingdom! It is a glorius day for the people of Wadasia. It has been a quick rise to power for the Paulster and I am unstoppable! It was a short reign for the Mighty Sir Jeffulot after his flawless victory over the former King, Lord of Destruction. I had to take what was rightfully mine.

A word from the New Wise King "Determination is the key to my power", I will be a furious battle for all and I will continue to rule the land.

After the battle a chariot was sent out to the new great man of land to return him to his new home, "The castle of Wadasia". Awaiting my arrival was several maiden babes in nothing but birthday suits and knee pads! As I walked back to my throne the sound of cheering was deafening to my ears. The people of wadasia were esctatic of the new Kings victory granting me a glorious welcome and all were happy to finally have The Paulster as King. All the people of the castle agreed that it will be I who rule for a long time to come and that who ever shall oppose me will die!

The Paulster
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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