oon thereafter, Sir Jeffulot the Mighty was then made King... Crowned before the crowd, they cheered and rejoiced at the again rightful government. Sir Jeffulot approached the podium to address the crowd... "I, Sir Jeffulot... Your new King, hereby declare today to be a holiday!", the crowd cheered... "furthermore, I have had something made to commemorate this fine and wonderful day in WadAsian history...". The crowd slowly pulled away from the center of the courtyard leaving a very large and tall object with an even larger canvas over it... The crowd waited in great anticipation as the guards approached it and began to cut the ropes that kept the large black canvas down... "I present this to you, my fine people of WadAsia... A gift... Enjoy!"... The canvas then flies off revealing a wonderfully huge statue of the new and mighty King Jeffulot, poised with armor and sword with one leg proudly upon what appeared to be Kev, Lord of Destruction. The crowd cheered, for they noticed the mug of beer in the statue's hand.

During this celebration the King drank a few ales and danced with a few cumly maidens until an unwelcomed guest arrived... A small arrow delivered from a crossbow barely missed King Jeffulot and went clear through the skull of the maiden he was dancing with. Once the festive song was complete, Sir Jeffulot dropped the maiden and proceeded to catch the lowly scum who'd ruin such a fine party... The guards had already leaped upon this caped crazed soul and dragged him before the King. The crowd was astonished to find that the face beneath the cape was indeed that of... The Paulster! "You Bastard!" the King said with an English accent, "you're going down for this!" he said in a jiving sort of way, bobbing his head up and down in jest.... "Guards! Fetch him a sword! He's gonna need it!" Sir Jeffulot screamed with a funny Tennessee accent, pretending to spit a wad of chaw. The crowd looked a bit confused and then began to purchase popcorn.

The Paulster stood proud and true before the newly crowned King. Sword in hand, he peered at the King and Spoke but three words... "You.... Must.... Die....". Sir Jeffulot was a bit disgusted that this jerk ruined his party for such stupid words and a bad attitude. "I find you to be quite rude Paulster" Jeffulot exclaims loud enough to where the crowd could also hear. "You know what nasty little buggers like you get for dinner?" Says the mighty King... "uh.... whatya mean?" speaks again the lowly Paulster... "THIS!!!" Jeffulot screams as he places 32 inches of cold and clean steel into the belly of the stupid rude idiot. Surprised, the Paulster falls to his knees before the King... a glassy eyed and whitened face stares up toward the King as if he were looking for an answer to some stupid question... "Merry Christmas maggot!" says Jeffulot with a grin as he retracts his sword and wipes it clean with Paulsters shirt... "You should stick around... enjoy the party! It's gonna be a good one... I've got a buzz (he whispers)"
~ The WadAsian High Council

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