he mighty King Jeffulot was enjoying a nice training session in the training yard with one of his guards... He was working on one handed sword technique whenst all of a sudden the Paulster burst into the training yard. Tripping over the daisy patch and hitting his head on the chopping block, he was spat upon by numerous guards until which time the King stepped in to stop this non-sense. "Rise warrior!" said the King... "Ah.... tis you again... will you ever learn?" he exclaims as he places his beautiful helmet upon his head. "Ok... Ok... I know why you're here.... let's do it..." he said as he gained a defensive stance.

The Pulster circled the King with sword in hand, appearing to be quite the ferocious fighter with spikes upon his shoulders, blood and meat upon his chest, and dark stains in his teeth... a true grunge meister... "Come now.." said the King, "I DO have other things to do today..." he said. The paulster looked quite annoyed, and began to change his posture for an attack.

There was much blood exchanged to the surprise of the King. He had to begin to actually try! "My god man!" said the mighty King, "You HAVE been training instead of chasing goats!" he giggled, taking a blow to the side of the neck. Losing his temper, the King began swinging his sword at the knight, finally connecting with deadly force. The well trained knight lay on his side caughing and still attempting to get up to try again... "Stay down.." said the King... "there will be pleanty of other opportunities in the future..." he said as he cheerfully kicked him in the ass. "Be gone now, I have training to do.. I'm working on this one handed thing...".

The Paulster limped out of sight as many of the guards giggled semi-quietly with hands over mouths...

"Come back soon!" said the King while joining in the guard's laughter and removing his helmet.
~ The WadAsian High Council

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