meeting amongst the warriors of WadAsia commences:

John the Awful: "Hear ye, Hear ye! This meeting concerning the enormous ego of King Jeffulot and the serious mutations it has created within his mind is to commence."

Kev, Lord of Destruction: "Yes, we must devise a plan to remove the ever imaginative King from the throne as we did many years ago."

Paulster: " Ahhh, I have heard the tales of the long banishment of Jeffulot. Though I doubt it will stop his odd pattern of considering his dreams to in fact be real..."

Kev: "His dreams are rather entertaining. Where exactly were you last night Awful?"

Awful: "Blow me! It is well known that when not ruling the land I spend my free time operating "BonBons Palace O' Pleasure" which employs the finest maidens of WadAsia. The sheep remain outside for those that do not have the golden coin to enter."

Paulster: "Tis' a fine establishment. I did attend last evening and did see the Awful One passed out upon the dancefloor with several naked maidens straddling him. His mug of ale was carefully protected on his chest, not a drop spilled. I was impressed."

Awful: "Thank you, priorities are important."

Kev: "Enough already! We are here to discuss the Jeffulot problem. I must be King! I need FAME damnit!"

Paulster: "You... King... HA! You are not to be King, tis I that deserves the crown! You no longer possess the skill necessary to be King!"

With that, swords are drawn and the two knights battle as John the Awful observes while checking his hair in the reflection of a shield. Paulster and Kev thrash the room as they leap upon tables and chairs, throw things, and attempt to kill each other.

The noise of things crashing is deafening, Awful cannot even hear himself laugh. Suddenly a powerful presence is felt by all in the room as the door flies open. In a blur of great speed Nadiamos blazes across the room and grabs Kev, Lord of Destruction. She then throws Kev clear across the room and moves toward him as he crashes against a wall.

Kev lay upon the floor, mouth agape, and a look of fear spreading across his face. Nadiamos looks him in the eye and says, "Behave!". Kev looks down and mumbles, "yes dearest.". Nadiamos leaves the room and Kev returns to the table where the Paulster and Awful await him with tears in their eyes from laughing at this amusing incident.

Paulster and Awful state in unison: "Impressive."

Kev: (Still somewhat glassy eyed and distant) "Shut the fuck up! Atleast I get laid whenever I... uh... well... (Kev slowly looks toward the door to insure Nadiamos has left) ... yes, whenever I want!"

Awful: "We needn't debate who is to be King or who is getting laid. Our goal is to unite to remove King Jeffulot and place him in a sanitarium in order to spare all from his self delusion."

Paulster: "Agreed!"

Kev: "Huh? Oh, yes dear... err, I mean yes."

The meeting adjourns and the Paulster decides to go with Awful to "BonBons Palace O' Pleasure". Kev remains in the meeting room and rests his head upon the table, mumbling something indecipherable.

On the way to "BonBons" the two knights stop at King Jeffulots statue, look at it in disgust, and piss on it. A note is attached to the broken arm that once held a mug of ale, broken off whenst the Awful One ran out of ale the night before. The note reads: "I, John the Awful hereby challenge the King to a match for the throne."
~ The WadAsian High Council

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