he King raises his head high into the air and ponders the thought of ruling all of Wadasia once again. The blood boils in his veins as he thinks of someone taking something that is not rightfully theirs.

"The crown is mine!" he shouts into the courtyard... People momentarily stop their chores and look up to the podeum that stands high above the golden balcony.

The king goes and roams the hallways of the castle to find his favorite and most recreational maidens to be awarded to the victor of the forthcoming battle.

The King then strips the two maidens down to their bra and panties and brings them out for the royal update.

"Hear ye Hear ye!!!! I have decided to put a small wager on the next royal battle. I am putting these two royal porn stars up for grabs. Whom ever wins, gets these two maidens for an indefinate period of time. They have been trained by the current King to perform whatever you would like them to do. They do not talk, for I have had some minor surgery performed to carefully remove their vocal chords. Their hands have been tied behind their backs to avoid any visual annoyance that might occur. They have been fed and bathed so they should be maintenance free for the winner.

So be it! Let the BIGGEST man win. Thank you!!!"
King Kev
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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