ir Jeffulot arrived on time as always to carry out his challenge. Kev, Lord of destruction was a bit late, but not much... He arrived on his royal green jeweled chariot with his Carmina Burana blairing out into the land.... He had arrived and everyone painfully knew it.

Sir Jeffulot waited patiently in the courtyard for all the hoopla to come to an end, and finally placed the helmet upon his head. The mighty Sir Jeffulot addressed the crowd... "Watch this.... it's going to be amazing..." he said as he pointed his sword convincingly toward the King.

The King still taking applause and waving to the crowd, Sir Jeffulot approached him. "You're not going to get a single point" exclaimed Jeffulot... "Nonsense!" shouted the King as he took off his slippers and wielded his sword.

The skirmish began. The King thrusted toward Jeffulot only to be kicked in the ass as he flew by the quick and cunning knight. The King lunged his sword in the direction that the Mighty Knight once stood long ago, only be surprised by a sharp pain in his back from Sir Jeffulot's foot. 'Twas amazingly similar to a bullfight!

"Ole!!!" shouted the crowd as the King would baffoonishly run toward Jeffulot. They would cheer with such enthusiasm that Jeffulot began to play the crowd. Acting as if he WERE a bullfighter, he would posture himself as if not to move, only to catch the King by total surprise, inducing a brand new injury in his royal ass.

Alas, Sir Jeffulot grew bored of this charade and decided to finish the King. The King, anticipating the movement of Sir Jeffulot, ran to the right of the knight, only to meet with a blade in the chest and a grin upon Jeffulot's face.... An impeccable performance by the mighty Sir Jeffulot.

Once again conscious, and embarrassed by the crowd, the Kev, Lord of Destruction demanded a rematch.... "He wants a rematch!!!" shouted King Jeffulot to the crowd as they all began to laugh. "Very well old fellow... thee deserveth as much..." he said to the bloody ex-King. "Get up!" Jeffulot shouted as he kicked the Lord of Destruction in the ass.... "You're making a mockery out of us all...".

Finally, Kev, Lord of Destruction stood before the newly appointed King Jeffulot, attempting to hold his sword to the front of him. Jeffulot, feeling sorta bad for this freshly beaten ex-King, decided to simply put him out of his misery. Sir Jeffulot dropped his sword and performed the most fantastic butterfly kick to Kevs Jaw... sending blood and teeth flying into the crowd... a true crowd pleaser.

As Jeffulot bowed and brushed himself off, Kev lay unconscious on the cobblestone. A scream erupted from within the crowd.... 'Twas the Paulster running at the King with red in his eyes and sword in hand.... The Paulster almost caught the Mighty King Jeffulot by surprise, but at the very last second Jeffulot grabbed his sword and lent 32 inches of it kindly to Paulster's belly. Cackling with his head thrown back Jeffulot exclaimed "You guys are so funny!".

"I am invincible!!!!!!" Shouted sir Jeffulot, the new King as he left the courtyard...

The rest of the day was spent by Sir Jeffulot cleaning his quarters and searching for his favorite pair of shorts.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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