h, we think the appropriate question is what has become of you, you so called almighty King?

Well well then it has been a long reign for the mighty warrior Sir Jeffulot, but it was time for the Paulster to rightfully claim what is his. THE THRONE!

The story goes:

It was dusk in the Land of Wadasia and The mighty Paulster felt the need to claim what he yearned for. He came with the mental and physical preparation to aniliate the King with ease.

He slowly packed his sword and was off to the castle to reclaim his home. He passed Bon Bon and Lord of Destruction on the way and slapped them some skin yelling out "You will see a new King warriors and I will send Sir Jeffulot with his tail between his legs, back to the forest so you three can plot your attack on the new King." Yes and that is is exactly what happened.

Once the Paulster arrived at the castle he walked into the courtyard and called out to the King "Come down you so called Almighty King and fight the real King of the Land!" As he The Paulster shouted this out he looked up into the Kings window and noticed that he was jerking off quite vigoursly and was surprised of his presence. The King then quickly struggled to pull his drawers up, hoping I wouldnt noctice, and grabbed his sword falling to the floor with his pants around his ankles and muffling some words out that could not be understood.

The Paulster then Replied "What is it you are saying there? The King then repeated the words "You will Die"

The King finally maid his way down to the courtyard, with his pants pulled all the way up to his chest. The Paulster then shouted out "Come and witness the best ass whooping youve ever seen folks. This one is not to be missed. Im Tyson and the King is Pizza Boy"

Before the battle began one of the Maidens in a Budwieser suit walked around with a score Card that read The Paulster 5 and the King -1 predicting the out come of the fight and right she was. She then walked over to the Paulster and kissed him on the cheek and said "You win and Im yours."

So the fight began and the King was trembling with fear as the Paulster moved around to get a good angle for the first blow. The King then charged and missed violently as the Paulster kicked him in his ass and swiped a clean blow to the head. The Paulster said "Thats one!" The Paulster then let the so called King get his composure back. The King gathered himself, pulling his pants back up as the crowd sighed out oooooh noticing the big shoe print on the ass of his pants. The King then charged again and as he lunged forward the Paulster skillfully stepped aside tripping the King to the ground. As the King fell he clumsely stabbed himself in the gut.

The fight went on to 5 and the Paulster got one feather weight hit the whole match and was amazed with the ease of victory. On the last victorious kill the Paulster cut the Kings Head clean off sending it soaring through the sky out towards the forest. "You better go catch up with the rest of yourself Sir Jeffulot" The Paulster said as he pissed on the decapitated body of the Former King.

After the match all the Maidens came running up and jumping onto the New King begging for his big sword. The Paulster then said "You will each get a load so dont fight over me" So the story goes The Paulster, Now King, has reached a new level in his swordsmanship that I doubt anyone will ever be able to match. Let them try and be without a head.

A happy peasant of the New ruled Land
Hail to the New King of Wadasia.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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