he John the Awful sits at the encampment observing the soldiers train. Off in the distance a flash of motion is seen darting through the trees. The Awful One dispatches a squad of soldiers to scout the perimeter of the forest. He then calls over several maidens to provide him entertainment while he awaits word from the soldiers.

A crowd gathers as the maidens dance before John the Awful. They cheer as each garment falls to the ground and cheer again when the Awful One takes both maidens back to his tent. The crowd then moves to the tent with a large sign before it that reads, "FREE BEER".

Many hours pass before the squad returns with news of the sighting in the forest. They report that it was none other than Sir Jeffulot running through the trees in an odd pattern, circling each tree one time then moving diagonally to the next tree. Each time he circles a tree he yells out alternately, "It was a mistake, I should be King!", and, "The certificate is mine,mine,mine...". He then cackles gleefully as he moves between trees, clinging to the Kingly Certificate.

John the Awful shakes his head and wonders aloud, "Sir Jeffulot must enjoy the damages to his body that the Curse of the Kingly Certificate creates. How odd that whenever he is removed from the castle, he allows his body to be deformed by this curse so that he may possess the certificate for a week, month, or months beyond his rightful ownership."

A messenger is dispatched to the castle to inform the rightful King, The Paulster, that it is John the Awful who should be granted a challenge and not the raving madman of the forest.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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