he King (Jeffulot the Mighty) and his Master Knightsman (Kev Lord of Destruction) hath just recently returned from their long journey of royal exploration across foreign seas. Returning with tall tales of castled lands and ales of darkness, they rest and prepare to slap the land back into order.

A meeting was called before the WadAsian High Council... "T'were marvelous castles across the lands that were definitely fit for WadAsian Royalty!" the King exclaimed to the High Council... "Alas, however, there was one... a majestic castle called Edinburgh in the land of Scotland that is fit for the finest ale connoisseurs" he said as he held up samples of the treasures he'd returned with... He passed along to each of the council members convincing them to sample the finely treasured ales... Each council member became enchanted and festive at the taste of these fine ales and began to dance upon the tables in a hypnotic state... "The master and I hath recovered a new crown that we ripped from the skull of one of their Kings... this jeweled crown is fit only for a WadAsian King... and Henceforth shall be the symbol of who doth rule!" the King told the council as he held up a beautiful jewel adorned crown. The commitee was breathless as each of them rested eyes upon the treasure.

"Henceforth, the King of WadAsia, whoever that may be, shall bear this beautiful trinket upon his mantel, to be faught for, to protect and to earn..." he said as the committee still stared... "The old and ancient scroll shall be retired to the WadAsian museum along with the other trinkets displayed that are loved so."

The King then stood before the royal reporter and demanded that he write an addendum to this meeting... "Tell the land of WadAsia that I shall send out pictures of this fine crown to each of the warriors, for they will probably never lay eyes upon it for real, for I will be King henceforth."
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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