cry of agony echoes throughout WadAsia. The populace, being unaware of any contest for the crown, emerge from their homes in great haste to see who has been tossed into the moat that surrounds the castle. They see Kev, Lord of Destruction land just east of the moat, and hear a slight splattering noise. The King is heard calling out, " Sorry Kev, I did aim for the water...".

King John the Awful returns to his chambers and reminisces of his removal of Sir Jeffulot from the crown. Poor Jeffulot, the one that cared for the people and spent all his time insuring that they liked him. Worthy of Court Jester... not King! How he tried to entertain them with his antics and silly winks, he may well be remembered as the "Funny King", but this is certainly not the desire of the current King. With the splash of the depleted Sir Jeffulot into the murky waters of the moat and his subsequent leap onto dry land as an alligator snapped at his rear, the "Funny King" is no more.

It is heard that Sir Jeffulot again runs through the woods crying out, "I shall be King! You'll see! Ha Ha!". He repeats this over and over again.

King John the Awful listens to report after report of the dementia of Sir Jeffulot, yet he worries not. " The former King, Sir Jeffulot, is a man of great honor and will return the crown and certificate that he hath stashed away in the forest.", states the King. Snickering is heard whenever this pronouncement is made...

Alas, Sir Jeffulot stops his incessant running and looks upon the hole he has dug to hide the treasured crown and certificate belonging to the King. He places the parchment and royal head dressing into the hole and utters the following in great repetition, "mine... my precious... you're mine".

It can only be said that WadAsia is again normal. With Sir Jeffulot hiding things in the forest, Kev, Lord of Destruction flying from the castle wall, and John the Awful as King, the people of WadAsia now know that all is well.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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