h Fellow Quakesters,

The Noble Bodhisattva must go on a pilgrimage to the lands in the north. He and Lady Kimberly must visit the holy child, the goddaughter to me' Lady. These yankees live as savages...with satelite tv but NO FU*KIN COMPUTER. So, we shall rough it this weekend and return on Tues.

The Noble Bodhisattva felt that his fellow Quakesters should be aware of his absence so they might ponder the importance of his existence and anxiously await his return. Anyone in need of spiritual guidance during this long weekend should contact Sir Jeffulot (spiritual leader in training)

Speaking of Sir Jefulot....The WadAsian War Counsel has deemed that his trouncing by The Dark One, while spectactular, is shrouded by a cloud of controversy....

The Dark One has been tested for Performance Altering Substances(PAS), and the results have come back positive....So positive, in fact, that 6 samples were taken from The Dark One...None of our Alchemists and Wizards could believe the levels of Performance Altering Substances found in the Dark one...

One chemist reported "there were enough chemicals in his blood to make a WadAsian rhino stoned"

So fellow Quakesters, the WadAsian War Council has agreed to let this trouncing stand, but have issued the following reprimand:

"We the WadAsian War Counsel do formally reprimand the Dark Knight for using chemical means to defeat Sir Jeffulot. We warn the Dark One that these substances can cause you great peril, such as floating out of your chair while in battle, or mistaking your mouse for a twinkie. We have made arrangements for the Dark One to join a 12 step program called the Warriors Temperance Union. A program in which he will be taught many new things, such as basket weaving and how to make potholders."

p.s. The Noble Bodhisattva has actually been placed in protective custody beacause of his reporting on the reprimand of the Dark Knight. We felt his life could be at risk from large quantities of rockets slamming into his torso. Please direct all messages to us:

The Federal Bureau of Protection
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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