he citizens of Wadasia gathered to view the contest between Lord Azrael and King Kev with a great respect for the newest warrior and his seemingly insane challenge. Popcorn vendors were everywhere yet the bookies could not be found. John the Awful, Sir Jeffulot, and Bodhisattva sat in the bleachers with several buckets of popcorn and large megaphones to taunt the King.

The battle commenced with Sir Jeffulot and the Awful One shouting, "Death to the King!"and "Aim at his pink slippers". Oddly Bodhisattva barely gasped out, "Praise King Kev!". Awful and Jeffulot drew their swords and began to smack Bodhisattva around yelling, "Kiss ass!". The battle was very one-sided in favor of the King and was causing obvious discomfort to both Jeffulot and Awful while they continued to call the King every name they could think of.

Suddenly, with the battle nearly decided, the Awful One stood up and began to behave as one possessed. He slashed the ears off those that sat near him while screaming, "I want the King's head on a platter!". Sir Jeffulot held his sword in one hand to fend off the wild blows of Awful and picked the ears out of his popcorn with the other hand. Bodhisattva continued to cry out, "Praise to the King!". This caused all surrounding (even those that no longer had ears) to look at Bodhisattva and scream, "Shut the fuck up!".

A silence followed that the King noticed causing him to look over at the Awful One and state, "You want some, punk?". Having been so inspired by the bravery of Lord Azrael, the Awful One grabbed his bucket of popcorn and headed for the arena. The battle between the King and Lord Azrael finished and the crowd waited. Sir Jeffulot rushed outside the arena and grabbed every bookie he knows. Bodhisattva began to holler, "Praise King Kev", only to be pummeled by all the earless that sat around him.

Awful entered the arena to a great cheer as the crowd raised their headless "King Kev dolls" that matched those that Awful had on each shoulder. Yes, the most intense contest for the crown was about to commence....
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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