he King, Bodhisattva sat at his thrown, already growing fat and sedentary in his newly found position. Munching on WadAsian wings, and getting some service from the hooters' girl (Bill-Clinton-Style). He sat calmly on his throne knowing that none would challenge him. After all, the men ranking two below him haven't been heard of since the teen-ages of WadAsia, and the king was not forced to accept any challenges below that. The once loyal-to-Bad Mutha Fuka-evil-imp, Direwolf, now sat at the kings right, sending praise far up into the kings "ars", and at his left stood the piss-ant Prae.

Suddenly, thunder cracked throughout the halls and a gust of wind blew out the candles in the throne room... In the distant corner King Bodhisattva could make out a small red light. As the light came closer, Bodhisattva realized that the light was actually a pair of glowing eyes. The king's epiphany sent him into the fetal position sucking on his thumb violently while Direwolf shaking with fear, hid further into the Kings royal ars.

As the figure approached, the young and unknowing Praetorian stood in his path protecting his king... only to be stepped on and disappeared into the darkness. "Bad Mutha Fuka, what brings you here, aren't you only a troll?" quivered the shaken king... "Silence mortal!" proclaimed BMF, "have no fear, I have not come for you....yet. Ever since Sir Jeffulot castrated me and flung me from the castle walls, I have gone to the highlands to improve my mouse fu, and also attaining a new pair of steel balls. Honing mouse fu to my dark and demented nature I have introduced a new more powerful art close to Tae Kwon Do. I call it: 'Ticked Off Mo'."

BMF continued, "I have been receiving news about WadAsia, and quite frankly am disgusted. I thought if I gave the Kingship back to Jeffulot he would bring prosperity and honor to WadAsia... I was wrong. I have decided to take back the Kingship, but not yet." Bodhisattva quivered, "so why are you here?" BMF replied, "I have come for the slithering creature living in your anal cavity." Direwolf poked his head out from within the King's ars.

"I trusted you Dire," proclaimed Bad Mutha Fuka, "you were MY trusted evil imp, and you betrayed me. For that I will punish you. And after defeating you, I will work my way up to you Bodhisattva. You were my first challenge in WadAsia, and you will be my last."
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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