he King sat in his counsel chambers with the remaining loyal warriors of Wadasia. He passed out portraits of himself, "These are the proofs for the Wadasian currency that I have decided upon now that I am king", said the king as several warriors sighed.

Suddenly, the counsel doors crashed open as a figure on horse back charged through. He steered his mount atop the counsel table and threw back his hood as his steed reared up on it's hind legs.

"Give me back my crown you charlatan!"

"Jeffulot", exclaimed the king, "you have no right to demand such a thing of me! I have defeated you and it is mine!"

"I challenge you to a duel to the death for the crown of Wadasia", screamed Jeffulot as he flew from his mount, drawing his sword.

"You have no right to challenge me", said the king, "however, I shall choose a champion from among my loyal warriors. If you can prove yourself worthy by defeating him, I may consider your challenge." The king looked about the room as the warriors looked down at their feet. His gaze fell upon Destructus Maximus. "Destructus, you shall be my champion", declared the king.

"B-but my lord", stammered Destructus "I have not fought on the field of honor in almost...."

"Silence!", shouted the king, "I have said it, so now it is done."

"Ha", sneered Jeffulot "I shall make short work of this knave" as he charged towards his prey.

Destructus drew his sword at the last second to ward off a mighty blow. Destructus continually backed up, parrying, as Jeffulot wielded blow after blow until Destructus stumbled over a chair and fell against the wall. Jeffulot lunged forward. The two warrior's swords crossed as Jeffulot tried to push the edge of his blade into the throat of Destructus. Thinking quickly, Destructus head butted Jeffulot squarely on the chin, forcing him back. Then something happened...

A small trickle of blood appeared from the corner of Jeffulot's mouth. Destructus's sight grew dim and his legs buckled.

"Ha", laughed Jeffulot, "a fine champion you have chosen. The sight of blood makes him swoon!'

As Destructus stood there on the edge of unconsciousness, a memory came back to him. He could see himself standing on a battle field, surrounded by the twisted, broken forms that were once his enemies. Then he remembered the hunger. The hunger for the smell and taste of blood. His vision returned to the present as Jeffulot started to charge. Destructus could almost smell the blood of Jeffulot. He could almost see the crimson fluid as it surged through the body of Jeffulot. He lusted to see it spill upon the ground.

Jeffulot's charge was greeted by a mighty strike from Destructus, stopping him in his tracks. In a frenzy, Destructus continually hacked away at Jeffulot, penetrating his armor and ripping into his flesh. Blow after blow scored as Destructus continued to tear in to the body of Jeffulot with almost surgical precision. Blood spilled from Jeffulot unto the floor and flew from the sword of Destructus streaking the other warriors with the scarlet fluid. Jeffulot fell to his knees half slumped over weakend with loss of blood. Destructus raised his instrument of death high above his head as if to cleave Sir Jeffulot in two.

"STOP!", shouted the King, "Enough! He is defeated."

"AAAArrrrrgghhhh", screamed Destructus as he brought his sword down with a loud THUNK as he struck Jeffulot with the broad side of his sword, knocking him to the ground.

All eyes returned to the king as he continued, "Jeffulot has been defeated and he has learned his lesson. I am a just King and will welcome him back as one of my loyal warriors. He may sit at my side at the counsel table until the end of time. Now, take him away so that he may recover".

All eyes turned to the spot where Jeffulot had fallen. However, only a pool of blood and a bloody trail leading out of the counsel chamber remained where he should have been. Scrawled in blood in the ancient tongue of Wadasia were the words "There can be only one!"

The king ordered that the guard be doubled and that there shall be a celebration for the victory of Destructus.

Several hours after the celebration as the King returned to his chambers, he saw Destructus standing in the hall of honor looking at the list of Wadasian warriors and their rankings. His nameplate had become dull and rusty (as new ones are made each time a warrior gains or looses rank).

"What do you see?", asked the King.

"Blood, my lord" answered Destructus, his voice seeming to come from far away, "I see blood." And then he turned and walked away.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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