he DireWolf sat on the edge of a cliff over looking the current capital city of WadAsia, thinking of the battles that would be held within the arena in another week. As he sat thinking, he drew his sword and absentmindedly started polishing it. He knew he would have to be at his best in order to secure a winning position in the 1st Annual WadAsian Games before he would challenge Bodhisattva for the crown.

As he thought about how the tournament might turn out, he remembered the cowardly Kev, Lord of Destruction, who had skipped out of his battle with the DireWolf, and who had supposedly signed up for the tournament.

"Ahh," the DireWolf said quietly to himself. "This is how I will be able to battle the Lord of Destruction. I just need to make sure that we both end up fighting in the same group at the beginning of the tournament. That is all I would really wish for from this tournament, the chance to destroy Kev! Perhaps I could talk Sir Jeffulot and Bodhisattva into placing us in the same group."

With that, the DireWolf stood up, sheathed his sword, and mounted the giant wolf that he used as his mount... He headed towards the castle WadAsia to try and gain an audience with the King and to try and find Sir Jeffulot.

As he approached the castle and the surrounding city, the DireWolf saw numerous signs advertising the up coming tournament, with pictures and stats of some of the confirmed contestants. He also saw many vendors setting up their booths that they would use while the tournament was being held. At one point the DireWolf even came across a vendor who had some old King Kev dolls(some were headless however), pink leotards and spandex(the former king's favorite evening wear), a book on the former King's favorite flower arrangements, and a number of other items from the time when WadAsia had slipped into a state of fagness.

The DireWolf finally arrived at the inn just outside of Sir Jeffulot's castle, where he wrote his requests for Kev to be placed in the same battle group as himself. When he was finished writing them, they read as follows:

I, DireWolf, Lord of the Savage Lands, wish to make a deal with you. I would be willing to pay to be placed in the same group that Kev, Lord of Destruction, will be in during the tournament, so that he will have no way of getting out of a battle against me. Also my army will be at your disposal for any up coming battles that you may have, even against the Bad Mutha Fuka. Send a reply through the messenger who brought you this scroll.

He Then handed the scrolls to two men who were passing by and told them to deliver the scrolls and to bring him Sir Jeffulot and King Bodhisattva's answer, for this job the DireWolf told them that they would be paid nicely. The DireWolf then turned and headed into the inn to await the answers of Sir Jeffulot and Bodhisattva.
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