he DireWolf stood in the center of the arena, waiting the arrival of Kev, Lord of Destruction. After some time the DireWolf, and the crowds began to get restless, for the people didn't just come out to the arena to see a warrior standing around doing nothing. From the castle, Sir Jeffulot could be heard yelling at Kev to awake up and get ready for the battle.

After another half hour, Kev finally emerged in his shining armor and took up position in the arena across from the DireWolf, where he drew the sword which the Dark Knight had given him before he left to seek enlightenment in other kingdoms.

The DireWolf dropped down into a crouch, muscles rippling in corded knots beneath his leather battle armor, his sword skill strapped across his back. The wolf skull helmet lifted toward the figure across the arena from him, the warrior cried out a hideous howl that rang like maddened laughter.

Kev drew to a halt a dozen yards from where the DireWolf crouched. On Kev's face a look of such frightening determination that it seemed to the crowd that nothing could stand against him. Yet the DireWolf's frenzied grin merely broadened.

For a long, terrible instant Kev and the DireWolf faced each other and the whole of the world about them ceased to be. Again the DireWolfs laughter sounded. He stepped sideways- and odd, swinging movement. Then, with terrifying speed, he lunged for Kev. Nothing ever moved so fast. Little more then a blur of armor, he sprang clear of the ground and tore into Kev.

Some how he missed. Kev was just as fast, slipping aside as swiftly as a shadow gone with the night. The DireWolf flew past Kev, tearing into the earth beyond as he landed. Whirling with scarcely a moment's pause, he sprang at the Lord of Destruction a second time. But Kev already Kev had his weapons extended, a hail of flames flew toward the DireWolf. They ripped into the DireWolf, throwing him back in midair. He struck the ground in a tangled heap and still the flames tore at him, burning and searing and thrusting the DireWolf back until he came to a jarring halt against the wall of the arena.

Astonishingly, the DireWolf was back on his feet almost at once. He came at Kev, again, dodging and twisting past the flames that flew from the others weapons. Raging, he flung himself at the armored man with the deadly quickness of a snake. The flames hammered into him, flinging him away, but he caught Kev with one clawed gauntlet, tearing through armor and flesh. Kev staggered back, shrugging at the impact of the blow, the flames stopped flying. A dozen feet away, the DireWolf came back to his feet once more.

Cautiously, the two circled each other. The Lord of Destruction's a weapons extended guardedly before him, and the dark face a mask of fury. But on the arena floor across which hi stepped, droplets of his blood streaked the group crimson.

The DireWolf's face split wide once more, an evil, maddened grim. Trailers of smoke curled from the reddish skin where the fire had seared he, yet the DireWolf seemed unharmed. Iron muscles rippled as he moved a sleek and confident dance of death that led his intended victim on. Again he attacked, a swift, fluid lunge that carried it into the Lord of Destruction before the flames could be brought to bear. Kev's hands fastened on the wrists of the DireWolf, holding him upright so he could not reach Kev. Then with a tremendous heave, the Lord of Destruction flung the DireWolf back, lifting him off his feet and throwing him to the ground. Instantly the flames burst forth and engulfed the DireWolf. The DireWolf's cry was high and terrible, a frenzied shriek that froze the whole arena about him. Pain was in that cry, yet a pain that sounded of something inexplicably gleeful. The DireWolf leaped from the column of fire, twisting free, his powerful form steaming and alive. He came to its feet yet again, eyes bright.

Once again the DireWolf came at Kev, flames darting at the DireWolf like knives as he sought to reach Kev. Purposefully Kev maintained the wall of flames. Then suddenly they hit the DireWolf and he was consumed. He disappeared entirely for an instant, lost in a raging ball of flame. A moment later, the DireWolf stepped from the flames, mouth split wide in that hideous grin, eyes gleaming. He was unharmed.

The DireWolf then attacked, in a single fluid motion, he gathered his legs beneath himself and flung himself at the Lord of Destruction. Kev brought his weapon up-too slow. The DireWolf was upon him before he could call forth the fire. The tumbled down to the arena floor, rolling and spinning, locked together. So quick had the attack come that the DireWolf had Kev on the ground before the crowd knew what had happened. Fire flared from Kevs weapon, ripping into the DireWolf's chest, but the fire had no effect. The DireWolfs clawed gauntlets ripped into Kev, tearing through armor and flesh, ripping downward into bone. The Lord of Destruction's head jerked back, pain flooding across his dark face. He sought to dislodge the DireWolf, but he was by that point to weak to continue fighting and fell unconscious. The DireWolf stood up, blood dripping from his armor, let out a blood curdling howl. Moments later a giant wolf bound into the arena, which the DireWolf mounted and rode out of the arena. Victorious!
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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