'was 400 years ago, in an ancient land ruled by evil, mayhem, and chaos, villages were being burned to the ground, cattle being slaughtered, women being raped, children being killed, and the men, well they were burned at the stake. If the village people were going to survive, they needed a hero who wasn't afraid to go up against the evil king and his army. One night and the town was being looted and burned to the ground, a shape came walking out of the torched woods. Shooting quivers, and thrusting his sword everywhere he went, slaying the kings entire army. The soldiers lay dead on the ground, in the trees, on top of the houses, everywhere you looked dead bodies riddled the land.

The warrior started making his way to the castle of the King, killing the guards as he approached. The king and his best men were celebrating on the inside for their victory they thought they had, all of a sudden there came a wrapping at the door, but not like any wrap you have ever heard. The King sent his First Knightsman to get the door, sword in hand. As the knightsman began to open the door, the Kings' head guard came flying through the door and landed ontop of a cast-iron candle holder. The knightsman pointed his sword at the stranger and yelled "You will die 1000 times for killing my brother" and started to rush the stranger. As soon as the knightsman had his sword over his head ready to chop the stranger in two, the stranger thrust his arm out and caught the knightsman by the throat, picked him 6" from the ground and threw him toward the fireplace. The king looked worried, asking the stranger for his name, no reply came back. The stranger just pointed at the king, just then the king rushed the stranger. The stranger sidestepped and clotheslined the king. Falling to the ground with such force, the kings sword flew against the wall and stuck in a crack in the wall (handle first). Picking up the king by his shirt, the stranger whispered in the kings ear and threw him against his own sword.

Leaving the castle, heading back to the village, the stranger need to pick up what little belongings he dropped when he decided to save the village, then drifted off into the woods, not knowing the kings brother was a spy in that particular village.

The kings brother falled the stranger into the woods, and with the black art of VOODOO, defeated the stranger.

4 Centuries later, the remaining relatives of the village people go pay their respect to the unknown hero. All of a sudden out of nowhere came the storm, a storm like nobody has ever seen before. The sky roarded like Michael Anthony playing bass, and the crack of lightning lit up the sky. Just then a rumble came from beneath the earth, trembling with such power, the ground was shaking like never before, just then the ground cracked open right on the grave of the dead stranger. After the earth split, the fire's from hell exploded out of the ground, flames shooting up as far as the eye could see. A shape was climbing out of the crack, it was in the shape of a man. The villagers looked at him but wasn't sure if he is good or evil, he looks both. Scared to death, the villagers headed toward their town to warn everyone.

They (UN)dead person headed for the town, he knew thats where his stuff was kept after he died. After collecting his belongings, the stranger headed back toward the castle, sparing no life on the way. After reaching the castle, he notice some remodelling was done, there were bars on the windows, and the ENORMOUS door was made of oak and steel. Kicking in the door, he ruined dinner plays for King Bodhistava and his men. Direwolf charged the stranger only to get thrown to the chandelier. Bodhi commanded everyone to stop their attack, and asked the stranger what he wanted. With a look of evil in his eyes, he just pointed at the entire room, an walked backwards out door. Just then Tracker raced after him, but when he got outside, he was gone. Going back inside, Tracker told Bodhi that he was gone, vanished like the wind.

Who is this guy, what does he want?

Draven, and rid the land of evil
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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