here was much a clatter and noise within the castle walls. King Bodhi had sent all his best warriors to search through every nook and cranny for the terror that was coming. He was quivering from fear in his king kev jammies, and sitting on his throne in the fetal position, sucking his thumb. "Make the bad man stop...Make the bad man stop..." was all he said.

Direwolf had boarded the throne room doors shut and placed the feared, 180 pound Henry in front of it...somewhat like a door stop. Destructus and Tracker took watch on the castle walls. The lovely Holy Gail teaching Havoc, Wolf, and Draven how to be real warriors, with her new Tae Kwon Do skills. Even the Mighty Jeffulot took watch. Awful was unfortunately found dead in the basement, suffocated on bon bons. And Lord Stevarius had brought a months supply of wings--so Bodhi need not leave the shelter of his throne room.

And why go through all this trouble? Three words - Bad Mo Fo. After losing the throne long ago to gain humbleness, wisdom, and the enlightenment of mouse fu...Bad Mo Fo was treated like a dog. Flung from the castle walls a hundred and something feet into the air, TWICE! Then castrated and banished from Wad Asia. Then punished for his illiteracy in the art of spelling, Bad Mo Fo was made a mockery of.

Honing his mouse fu skills and a new pair of steel balls, Bad Mo Fo, hath returned to Wad Asia, acceding to the throne--raping and plundering all the way. And with the defeat of Bodhi's Junior Knightsman, Tracker, Bad Mo Fo's eminent battle for the throne was being guarded against. But after all this time, the mere mortals still did not understand...nothing can stop him.

The thunder cracked and woke Bodhi from his pathetic child-like-state. Looking up into the rafters...the lightning showed the silhouette of a warrior. With Bodhi shrieking like a little school girl, Bad Mo Fo dropped from the rafters to the head of the throne. Saying nothing he grabbed one of Steve's chickens, slit its throat and used the pouring blood to write something on the floor. Bodhi looked upon the writing, "Your My Throne. Saturday. Courtyard. 11:00 pm." Bodhi looked up, but Bad Mo Fo was no where to be found...
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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