was the monthly wing-off, pitting Lord of the Wings Lord Stevarius against the newly crowned Wing King Draven. Gib-meister graced us with his presence. Bad Mo Fo was there hormones oozing out of every pore. All was merry, Stevarius and Draven were sitting staring each other down while they were eating their wings, not a word was spoken. The doors to Hooters swung open and in walked Chewy; to this point the only one that has seen him was Draven during their traing sessions. King Bodhi and his army where whispering amongst themselves "Damn, he is a big boy. What is he?" Bodhi asked. "Part man part beast, you never want to get too close to him, the last person that did that hasn't been seen since." explained our bar maid.

Chewy grabbed a plate full of wings and dug in, tearing the skin and flesh from the bone like some sort of animal. Stevarius reached for a wing and Chewy bit his hand, nearly severing it from his arm. Draven new what was about to happen. Direwolf, BadMoFo, King Bodhi, Sir Jeffulot, and Havoc; who by the way was still completely fucked up from the beating he suffered from the hands of Chewy the night before; were discussing how they were going to bring this menance down.

Discussion on how the WadAsian army was going to conquere other lands in CTF was underway, stategies were thrown out and plans were made. All of a sudden Chewy stands up and shouts "DRAVEN, I WANT YOU TONITE AT 10PM IN THE COURTYARD!!!!! I am through with your training, it's time the teacher goes down!!!!!!" Draven looks up with no expression on his face, nods, and looks away. It was set, the match was a go, who would win? Teacher vs. Student, former friends collide this outta be a good one.

After the feasting of the flesh the army stopped and got some after dinner sweets while Havoc was killing birds and letting loose his army of Wadasian Barking spiders.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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