was a peaceful night in Wadasia, not a cloud in the sky, BadMoFo is relaxing with his harem getting ready for his battle against Bodhi on Saturday. The King is in his castle discussing battle plans with his army, when his beautiful queen comes in asking him to come to back to bed. As Bodhi getting ready to retire for the evening he notices a clouds are filling the sky, and bolts of lightning are crashing to the ground. Just then the doors to the castle go flying open and there in the doorway stands BadMoFo with rocket launcher in hand.

"It's time to die Bodhi, no need to wait until Sunday." Just as BadMoFo is about launch a rocket up Bodhi back side, someone grabs BadMoFo from behind and throws him across the room.

Bodhi turns to see who it is and there in the doorway stands Draven. "Draven. Thank god, you saved my life." "Draven?" exclaims BadMoFo, "Where is that little pun...." just then he seens Draven standing in the doorway, taking up the whole doorway. "HOLY SHIT!!!! I thought Draven was a little punk, damn." where the last words you heard from BadMoFo as he lept from the castle window to save his own life. Draven, not moving from his spot just points to Bodhi, not saying a word. Bodhi looked worried, wasn't sure what to expect from the creature of the night. Draven reaching behind him and pulling what looks to be a body, not a mans body, nor an animals body, Bodhi wasn't sure. Draven tosses the lump up to Bodhi who is on the second level of his castle, and landing in front of him is the extremely beaten and battered remains of Chewy. Bodhi is really worried now. After paying this Wing-meister, this huge being to take care of Draven, only to get in return the same body tossed to him like a sack of used toilet paper. Looking up on the wall, Draven points to a warrior, a warrior who hasn't been seen for awhile, he is pointing at WOLF!! Making a jesture to Bodhi, Draven leaves as mysteriously as he arrived.

Draven is issueing a challenge to Wolf for the 3rd time. This final challenge will take place Sunday night 9pm in the courtyard. If Wolf doesn't show, by order of the high council, he must surrender his rank.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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