he challenge was issued by Draven, accepted by Jeffulot, and not sanctioned by the Wadasian High Council. A team match was a go for last night; Sir Jeffulot and Havoc vs. Draven and Chewy. Who would emerge victorious, who would go down in defeat, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

All combatants met in the courtyard after warming up their usual way, Jeffulot and Havoc tormenting villagers, Draven in deep meditation, and Chewy, he had a pile of chicken wings on a plate in front of him.

Just before the battle all 4 men stood silently just staring each other down, which man would look away first, each of them wanting to kill the other team. As Jeffulot and Havoc were straightening their ties, Draven raised both hands into the air as storm clouds emerged and lightning filled the sky. Lightning crashed to the ground surrounding our warriors, blinding them by the tremendous flashes. As Jeffulot and Havoc cleared their vision, before them stood 2 female figures. "HOLY SHIT!" exclaimed Jeffulot, "DRAVEN IS A SHAPE SHIFTER". Confused by what had just happened, the battle was underway...

All 4 men fought hard and furious, rockets lit the sky, bullets filled the air, and body parts on the ground. Jeffulot and Havoc started off strong, controlling the upper level of the arena, but that didn't last long. Draven, bent on revenge took charge and controlled the whole battle, nothing was stopping him, killing Havoc then turning to kill Jeffulot, body parts riddled the field. Jeffulot and Havoc bit off a little more than they could chew(y). Chewy who was converted to mouse-fu earlier that evening had gone back to JoyKeyDo, moving slower than everyone else, he held his own.

During the match Draven caught up with Chewy to see how things were going, but Chewy was pissed because he was in the shape of a female and for Draven being in Control, he launched multiple rockets at Draven. Draven didn't have time to bleed but had time to fire a rocket into Chewy's face shouting "Damn you, if you want a piece of me wait until later, but for now lets finish this." The team of Chewy and Draven had some tension, not only did Draven have to contend with the non-stop attack by Jeffulot and Havoc, but now he to worry on whether or not Chewy was going to turn on his teacher once again.

Finally... The battle had ended, smoke filled the courtyard, everyone was wondering who won. 2 figures made their way through the smoke, it was Draven and Chewy, rocket launchers still smoking from the last kill, had cleaned house. Jeffulot and Havoc went down in flames.

This has been a WNN report.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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