'was quiet on the morning of King Bad Mo Fo's coronation. All the villagers were gathering around to begin the celebration. All the warriors were going to put aside their differences to honor the new king. The festive event even brought out the MIA of Wadasia Destructus Maximus and Armored Saint.

Everyone was having a good time, enjoying great food, good company and a beautiful day, UNTIL Lady Kimberly noticed the Bad Mo Fo has not been seen for a very long time. The villagers search the grounds, but the king could not be found. All of a sudden you hear screams an sounds of pain come from the little room high in Bodhi's tower. Former king Bodhi had locked Bad Mo Fo in his UNREAL tower so as he could not enjoy his celebration. Someone had to release Bad Mo Fo, and the warriors all stood around, afraid of UNREAL room. "I'm not afraid" said Draven as he rose from his chair dropping all weapons and going on this journey with only his bare hands. "You all are cowards, what could be up there that scares even the bravest of warriors?" asked Draven as he proceeded into the dwelling.

As Draven searched the for the entrance to the tower, he kept hearing screams of pain, and growls of hunger, not knowing what was ahead. Finding the passage to the tower, he made his way up the twisting stairs, screams getting louder with every step. Once he reached the top, he could not believe his eyes on what he saw. Freeing Bad Mo Fo from the medieval torcher device, they both made their way back down to the courtyard where everyone could enjoy the rest of the day. It was a beautiful coronation, the crown was passed with honor, sketches were done so this day can be remembered.

Knowing that this peace could not last forever Chewy stands and issues a challenge to the Armored Saint who accepts the challenge. Draven realizes that Chewy is not yet ready for that big of a fight tries to talk him out of it, but Chewy has had enough of Dravens preaching on the way of the mouse and Gib-Kune-Do, Chewy is ready to show Wadasia just what JoyKeyDo can do. Draven immediately issues a challenge to the winner of that match, hoping it would not be Chewy since the last time they met Chewy took a severe gibbing. The matches were set, Chewy vs. Armored Saint @ 10p in the courtyard, and the winner of that match versus Draven afterwards. Chewy then wandered off to get ready for his big match, who would win?
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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