he crowd assembled in the area awaiting the combatants for the first fight. Chewy and Armored Saint entered the area. This has been the first time the Armored Saint has stepped foot in the area since his journey, would he be rusty, or would he dominate the match. Only time could tell. The war was on, Chewy had taken an incredible offensive against the senior warrior, rockets flying back and forth, hyperblasters zinging bolts across the courtyard, it was an intense battle. Armored Saint had gotten his act back together but not in enough time has Chewy launched one last rocket which completely decapitated the Armored Saint, unable to get back up from that blast, Chewy had fought hard and showed Wadasia that JoyKeyDo is the way of warrior.

Ready to fight, Draven enters the arena, starting off alittle slower than usual, but quickly showing Chewy that youth cannot substitute experience. Chewy fought hard, and kept up a good onslought, but could not over power Draven. Chewy was getting weak, Draven waring him down, kept up the attack, only to stop when Chewy could move no more.

Chewy, who fought hard to win the right of Sword Polisher, had just lost the rank to his mentor Draven.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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