'was Draven... He stood motionless in the center of the courtyard, his ears perked to the slightest sound. He could feel the king's presence, as his eyes scanned the courtyard of the battle field: The Edge. The silence only made the sweat dripping from Draven's brow fall quicker. Creeping his way out of the moonlight and into the shadows, lightning stuck, giving away his position. Draven looked up in fear, as he saw Bad Mo Fo standing atop the apex of the courtyard. With out any hesitation, the king leaped from his pedestal, sword held above his head and deftly landed on Draven crushing him onto his back. Sword still raised in the air...Bad Mo Fo used his other hand to raise Draven's heavy head. "I GIVE UP! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!" Draven squealed like a little school girl. All the rude and dishonoring behavior had finally caught up with him.

A rustling in the distance caught the king's attention...his head popped up as Sir Jeffulot sprung out from the darkness. Inches away from the king's back, Jeffulot was crumpled into the ground with one swift backhand from Bad Mo Fo. And with out looking, he flung his dagger into the darkness piercing Tracker's armor and rendering his sword arm useless. The assassination attempt on the king had failed. And disgusted by Draven's trickery, Bad Mo Fo raised his sword high into the air, aiming for Draven's neck.

Suddenly a blood curdling howl ripped through the air. The king looked to the top of the elevator, and standing in front of the full moon, was his aid, the Direwolf...howling into the night sky. With a sick smile, The king left the courtyard, and let the warriors live to fight another day.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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