'was only hours after the Ancient WadAsian Cone of Silence was cast upon the land, the warriors were in panic, and the air supply was running out. However on the outside of the cone was the Evil, maniacal Sir Jeffulot, who has been helping the gods of WadAsia, just sitting next to his dragons of war laughing up a storm.

"How do you like that you fu*king maggots?" laughed Sir Jeffulot. "What?? I can't hear you, speak up!". As he continued to ridicule and torment the warriors inside the cone.

Bodhi and Chewy, joining forces for once tried to break free, striking the cone with everything they had from rocks, logs, axes, and even Chewy's head, but nothing could scratch the impenetrable cone. Nugent Whackmaster started helping out, but even his mighty arrows couldn't break the cone. CW4 showed up and unloaded with everything in his arsenal, and nothing, not even a scratch. It appeared that all was doomed, WadAsia had come to an end. Would Badmofo be the last ruler of WadAsia, would Jeffulot finally win? It seemed hopeless.

"Hey you stupid Jackass, you want to take them out, you have to go through me." Jeffulot turning around wondering where that came from. "Come on you dum-son-ofa-beyotch, you have to be smarter than this." Jeffulot still not knowing who could be speaking to him. "Show yourself maggot!" Just then Jeffulot looked up and saw Draven standing on top of the Ancient WadAsian Cone of Silence.

"How the hell did you get out of there?" Asked Jeffulot as he drew his sword. Draven, leaping from the top of the cone pulls out his battle axe and delivers a crushing blow that breaks Jeffulot's sword in two. "You may be able to control and trap them, but you will never control me, I do what I want, when I want and there isn't a damn thing you can do." replies Draven.

Pulling out mystical projectile launcher; given to him by the GODS, Jeffulot takes aim at Draven, and lets loose with an assault never before seen in WadAsia. Draven leaps out of the way at the last minute landing only a few inches behind Jeffulot. Hoisting Jeffulot in the air getting ready to crush him like a grape, Draven is attacked from behind. Dropping Jeffulot to the ground, Draven turns to see Kev, Lord of Destruction standing there helping his brother. Picking up his battle axe and hurls it at Kev, crushing his chest cavity and Kev, falls to the ground with a thump.

Turning to Jeffulot, watching him cower and slide back on the ground "No you will not win, the cone will never be removed" screams Jeffulot as he reaches his hands toward the Gods for help 1 last time.

The sky grew dark, as Jeffulot kept reaching toward the sky "You're not going to win Draven, I will cast you from WadAsia for ever!" Draven not even worried, grabs Jeffulot by the throat, lifts him in the air "Jeffulot, you may have strong powers here in WadAsia, but my powers extend past WadAsia. These people will not suffer by your hand or by the ruling of Evil King Badmofo. This land will soon come out from under this evil ruling, and you will be put in your place. But for now, this cone will be gone."

Draven hoists Jeffulot high into the air and hurls him at the cone, at the same time he picks up his battle axe and throws it at the cone. Jeffulot and the axe strike the cone at the same time, ever so slightly cracking the cone. Picking up the mystical projectile launcher, Draven opens up and lets the cone have everything he's got.

The warriors on the inside are all huddled on the other side of the cone, grasping for air as the rockets keep exploding against the cone. Can this cone be broken? Will WadAsia survive? Will Chewy be able to make little ewoks?
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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