ales tell...

Celebrating in the castle, Evil King Baboon, err, I mean Badmofo and the Evil Imp Direwolf are enjoying themselves frolicking with the babes and dancing to the super keen band Hanson. It is a celebration for successfully defending his crown against Tracker.

"THUD", "What the heck was that my evil King?" "I have no idea." replies Badmofo. "THUD...CRASH..." "Sorry, did I crash the party?" As Badmofo and Direwolf turn around, they see Draven standing in a spot where there used to be a door. "Get him Dire!!!" ordered Badmofo.

Drawing his sword Direwolf charged toward Draven, and with 1 mighty backhand, Draven sent Direwolf out the second floor window, only to come crashing down into the royal stables.

"You're mine!" yelled Draven, as he walked toward Badmofo... Badmofo knocked over the table to clear out some room, and the two started knocking each other around. Badmofo coming at him with spinning heal kicks, but Draven blocked everyone of them. Picking up an iron candle holder, Draven threw it toward Badmofo, who easily dodged spear-like object. Unfortunately one of the Hansons' was not that lucky, as the iron candle holder crashed through his rib-cage, it killed him instantly.

"You will pay dearly for killing one of my favorite musicians!!!" screamed Badmofo, as he picked up his sword and charged Draven... Draven pulled out some sort of weapon never before seen in the land of WadAsia (could it be the v.90 weapon that has yet to be introduced?) and unleashed the power toward Badmofo. Striking Badmofo in the chest, he hurled back toward what appeared to be some sort of vortex that the strange weapon had opened....

Badmofo was caught by the gravitational pull of this vortex, being sucked in, even his powers could not free him. As the vortex closed on the evil king, he cast out some sort of evil spell on all of Draven's weapons, rendering them pretty much powerless.

This spell started to eat away at Draven's primary fighting tool, and if an antidote isn't found, he will need to contact the local blacksmiths to re-build his arsenal.

As for the Evil King, the last anyone saw, he was trapped in some sort of void in the universe.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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