was Just as Sir Jeffulot was about to run a sword thru Bodhi's throat, there came a scream from beyond, It was Draven, he was there to help his friend in need, as it was clear this was not Jeffulot.

Draven, knocking Jeffulot out of the way, and stands over Bodhi with his sword drawn, Jeffulot stands up and pulls off his sunglasses, and black suit, and there in the middle of the courtyard stood the Evil King Badmofo.

"Draven, you stuck your nose in where it doesn't belong 1 too many times, prepare to die!" shouted Badmofo as he drew his sword. Draven, blocking Badmofo's advances was able to take the offensive, beating Badmofo into submission.

Badmofo pulled out some of his mystical mojo, and was hammering Draven into the ground like a nail in a coffin.

Draven dug deep, really deep, and found he had some stored up testosterone in his boot. Quickly injecting it into his heart Draven knocked Badmofo to the ground. Standing over Badmofo with his knee pressed against his throat, Draven screamed "Say it!!!! Say MATTE' (Pretty much the same as I give up)".

Badmofo, not know for giving up, thrust his heal into Draven's groin. "HAHAHAHAHA" Draven laughed as he stood there. After years of steroid use, one can't be heart there. Badmofo tries again, kicking even harder. Draven just stood there.

Grabbing this sword Draven raises it up and is getting ready to thrust it into Badmofo's chest. "You are finished Evil King Baboon!!!"

Badmofo, in a last ditch effort grabs a handful of dirt and throws it in Draven's eyes. Badmofo quickly scurries to his feet as Draven is blinded by the dirt.

Badmofo looking for his weapon, looks up in the sun, and sees something flying toward him. He grabs it out of the sky, smashes a blue chair across Dravens skull "WHACK!!!".

Draven stands up, shakes his head, "HA! Years of steroid use, and you can't hurt me there either!" Badmofo cracks the chair against Draven's skull 1 more time, and nothing.

Draven raises his sword and just then Badmofo smashes the chair across Dravens face. Draven just stands there, then falls to the ground unconscious.

Badmofo, not knowing when he will rise back up, grabs his sword and leaves.

Who threw the blue chair?
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