s Iron and Echo entered the main Courtyard of Wadasia weary from their days battle, they removed their helments to reveal the blood of dead opponents adorning their now red necks.

They arrived in Wadasia only a few short weeks ago, after hearing that the now King Bad Mo Fo would soon be relinquishing his thrown. A tourament was about to be held for the Crown of the Kingdom and they knew this would be the perfect opportunity to take over the land of Wadasia,and bring the Crown to there Southern home.

Suddenly they heard voices approaching the courtyard and two shadowy figures appeared from a hallway. One wearing black and the other in gray. It was Sir Jeffulot and Draven, Jeff screamed at the two standing there. Who the hell do you think you are talking of taking the crown to your home. You, who have only recently arrived here, believe that you deserve a shot at the crown! The two of you must be insane.

A strange look came over Iron and Echo`s faces and before Draven could utter a word swords were drawn and the strangers from the south started their attack. Jeffulot and his partner were caught completely off guard and it looked quite grim for the two of them. Just as Iron was about to cast the death blow to Jeffulots head, a fifth figure entered the courtyard with the wind at his back!

It was Bohdi, with blue chair in hand. He first cracked Iron on the back of his skull knocking him to the ground. Soon the three overtook Echo before he could escape.

Draven raised his sword and proclaimed that no one shall steal the crown from the Northern land of Wadasia. During his speech Iron and Echo slipped from the courtyard vowing that they would soon return to take the Throne from these heritics from the North!
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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