is been only a few days with no King and WadAsia is underseige. Sir Jeffulot is running amuck through the villages, destroying everything he sees. "This land will soon be mine again!!!" screams Sir Jeffulot as he wreaks havoc with his new A3D weapon.

Some of the other warriors are hiding, they are frightened of Sir Jeffulot, and others are helping the villagers escape his reign of terror.

As Sir Jeffulot is terrorizing these villagers, he looks up and sees Draven approaching the town. We all know how much these two dislike each other. Sir Jeffulot quickly finds a place so he can have a surprise attack against the mighty Draven.

Draven enters the town, only to find the shops burned, people slaughtered, and complete mayhem everywhere. Drawing his sword, Draven moves about the town trying to find someone to talk to. Looking down, he sees an old man laying there in pain. Bending down, Draven asks the stranger who did this. "It was the evil one..." replies the old man. "Which evil one? Has the Evil Badmofo returned?" asked Draven... " was " not able to finish his sentence, the old man points behind Draven and collapses on the ground.

Draven quickly turning around is met by Sir Jeffulot. "You will die Draven!!!!! Your kind is not wanted here!!!!! I will be King, nobody can defeat me!!!!!!" Yells Sir Jeffulot as he charges toward Draven.

With a couple quick moves, Draven is easily able to fend off the so called "Mighty One". Screaming in anger, Jeffulot keeps up the offensive, attacking Draven with everything he has, unable to slow down Draven.

Draven has now weakened Sir Jeffulot, and starts his own attack. Sir Jeffulot, falling to the ground all battered and bruised, tries to pick up his sword to defend himself. Grabbing Jeffulots' sword, Draven holds it against Sir Jeffulots' throat, "You will not terrorize these people...If you are looking for a battle, try someone your own size."

Barely being able to keep his head up, Jeffulot starts to mumble "you...have...not...won...this...battle...I...I..." just then, Sir Jeffulots' head falls limp, and Draven knowing he has finally defeated Sir Jeffulot once and for all, gets hit by some sort of explosion.

Flying thru the air, Draven hits a tree 20 feet away, and standing the spot where he once stood was Albino Bob. Draven sees Albino Bob and asks "What brings to you our town BOB? Are you going to call be a dick waver? An asshole? Come on...what is it?"

"I come here to give you a message from Mr. Baker, you have not won the battle, he was merely toying with you." Albino Bob replies..

"Yeah right...I can't believe you are under his mind control as well...You are no better than the rest of the sheep(warriors) around here. You are a god Bob, now get a backbone!" says Draven.

Albino Bob picks up the limp body of the once mighty Sir Jeffulot. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!! You will not get away!!!!" Yells Draven has he charges toward the two with this sword raised high above his head. Just as Draven is about to land a crushing blow on Albino Bob, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground at the Gods' feet, and both of them (Albino Bob and Sir Jeffulot) have vanished.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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