'was a quiet night in WadAsia, everyone was resting for their big battles ahead. Draven was resting peacefully after a long hard workout in the lion's den.

Outside the crickets are chirping, and the moon is full, so full in fact that it casts light on a shadowy figure approaching Draven's resting spot. Pulling a sword from his side the figure kicks in the door with a blow and screams "DIE MAGGOT!!!!!!".

Jumping from his bed of nails, Draven quickly grabs for his sword to defend himself, however his sword isn't there. Grabbing anything he could to deflect the might sword from crushing his skull, Draven manages to defend himself against this hooded figure.

Being backed into a corner with no where to go, Draven realizes he must do something quick. "Now you will die." screams the hooded man.

Draven quickly grabs a cast iron candlestick holder from the corner, deflects the sword and pole vaults over the madman, grabbing the cloak that covers his head. Landing 10 feet away, Draven turns and notices it is Sir Jeffulot. "Try to attack me during my nights sleep do you. What kind of warrior are you?" asks Draven.

"I shall not stop until you are defeated Draven. You are a thorn in my side, and you will not be king. I will not stop until I rid you from this land." answers Sir Jeffulot.

After wiping the sleep from his eyes, Draven sees his sword and dives for it, and pulls it from it's sleeve before he stands tall. "You shall pay for your sneak attack Sir Jeffulot."

Now armed, Draven is even more deadly, he starts landing crushing blows that is stopping Jeffulot in his tracks. Sir Jeffulot sees the fire in Draven's eyes, and knows he is being defeated, but will not give up. Falling to his knees from the mighty Draven, Sir Jeffulot holds his sword in front to block an attack. Draven raises his sword high above his head, lets out a mighty yell, "AHHHHHHHHH", and swings his sword down toward Sir Jeffulot.

With a mighty "CRACK..." Sir Jeffulot looks up and his sword has been broken into two pieces. Draven sensing victory, grabs Sir Jeffulot by the throat and pulls him to his feet, "Now you will feel the wrath of the Mighty Draven. You have pissed me off in the past, and this is the last straw."

Draven drags Sir Jeffulot; who is stripped of all his armor; to the middle of town and ties him to a big X. Taking goats blood, Draven puts a capital L on Jeffulots forehead indicating that he has lost all honor of being a true warrior.

"You can't do this Draven, I am Sir Jeffulot, nobody goes against me." After putting a gag over his mouth, Draven replies "You will not get off so lucky the next time Jeffulot. The only reason I haven't killed you yet is to let everyone know that I am someone not to mess with, especially during my sleep. You and your sheep-like followers will soon fall."
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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