'was written...

RIDE!!!!!!!!!.......RIDE!!!!!!!!! Unable to rest since news of the stolen crown of Wadasia, Tracker and his secret assassin force go forth in search of the crown. Upon horseback they ride through the cold wind, rain and darkness that has gripped the land for two moons now. "We must find the crown","I knew the Draven could not be trusted with it!" said Henry "We shall find the crown or die!" replied Tracker.

Town upon town, village upon village were thoroughly searched. Every hut, every palace, every fair maiden....no stone left unturned. The cold rain continues....... The men have lost hope. Despairing and angry, Tracker paces back and forth through the mud shaking his fists, cursing with mad laughter. His eyes fix upon a star in the heavens which begins to glow . It shoots across the sky with a brilliant light towards the mountains of the north."To the mountains! RIDE!!" shouts Tracker.

They scurry the mountain, to the entrance of the notorious "Cave Of Living Death". Screams of pain, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth can be heard from within. Eyes wide with fear, the men look upon Tracker with gut wrenching anticipation that they will be chosen first to enter.

Short of breath, cold and tired, Tracker says, "I go alone". He goes forth with a desperate speed. Fear grips his every move through the maze of caverns. Shadowy figures float about jabbing at him from every side. He reaches the Central chamber with a gaping hole that seems to go on forever, like a soup of souls caught in a whirling trap. On the other side sits a reptilian sort of man like creature sitting and laughing sporting the crown of WadAsia upon his grotesque head.

Tracker jumps to the overhanging stalactites. Hand over hand he swings climbing across the ceiling. The creature stands and looks as if in disbelief. Its eyes begin to glow red and shoot out a laser like fire smashing the stalactites. Tracker swings off the last one and with a single movement grabs the crown. The creatures eyes glow and it fires the evil fire towards Tracker. He holds up the crown like a shield and it deflects the beam throwing him across the gaping pit. He runs towards the entrance, the shadowy demons ever stabbing at him and now the sounds of dogs gaining on him. Just as he reaches the entrance, the evil hounds tear at his legs, ripping flesh to the bone. Henry seeing the king, runs over and hacks the dogs with his sword.

"You have it!""You have it!" exclaims Henry "Yes Henry, yes" Tracker exits the cave and holds the crown high. Placing the crown upon his head, the rain stops, the clouds scatter, the sun shines once again. The people knew the crown had returned.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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