ll was quite in Wadasia for the Southern reaches have been frozen solid, the Northern reaches have been deserted, the Western region has been building new weapons, and central Wadasia, well, things have changed in Central Wadasia.

King Tracker still sits high in his chair, laughing at the rest of Wadasia. The warriors were preparing for battle to determine who is to fight King Tracker, the battle was fierce.

With the crack of lightning, and the roar of thunder the sky opens up and a swirling light lowers to the ground. Surprised Sir Jeffulot jumps back and screams: "What the heck is going on?" "That is the mystical vortex I have be preaching about SJ." replies Bodhi, who has been doing research on new lands to conquer.

Just as they walk toward he vortex, 2 horseless chariots appear. "Strange looking chariots, how do they work?" asks Sir Jeffulot. "Easy, just climb up into them like this." explains Bodhi as he climbs up onto the vehicle. Sir Jeffulot follows, "Now what?" Bodhi responds "Well, hmmmm, I imagine ju...IEEEEEEEEEEE." Just has he is about to explain, the 2 get caught in the vortex as it closes.

"Where the shit have they gone?!?!?!" screams Iron. "Where the shit have they gone?!?!?!" replies Echo.

Stepping out from the smoke that the vortex left behind is Draven. "They have gone on a journey, a journey not only of sight and sound, but of mind. They have travelled to a new land, a land where the weapons are more advanced, the chariots are not pulled by horses, and can fly. I have been there." responds Draven.

"What is it like?" asks Iron. "Well," as Draven pauses, "It's the same, yet different. People here can fly through the air with their mighty rocket launchers, there, they fly with a backpack. The chariots here are pulled by horses, or mules, there, they fly through the air, and have weapons attached to them. You remember when WadAsia was in complete CHAOS?" Echo and Iron both nod. "Well, that is how this place is, turrets and rocket launchers everywhere, a desolate wasteland."

"But do they have a king?" a voice screams from the castle. "A King? Who would want to be a king of nothing?" asks Draven. "Bah, I am the King of Wadasia, and the warriors will come back, as they fear me." shouts Tracker. "Tracker, nobody fears you, you are not the ruler you once said you would be, that is why everyone is fleeing Wadasia. Hell, if you were a good king, you would have rescued Chewy from the AOL prison months ago, but NOOOOO, you just sit there and play with your scepter all day long."

"How dare you talk that way to me Draven." "Listen Tracker, I will talk to you any damn way I please, I have been there, and have seen what the Tribes of the other world can do to a person. I have seen my Half-Life, and I have seen things that would appear to be Unreal, but I have come back." responds Tracker.

"Well..." says Tracker, "If you are all that and a bag of chips, why don't you fight me then." "So be it." responds Draven "10pm tonite in the courtyard, you will have your fight."
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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