was a hot day in WadAsia, and the WadAsia Landscape crew was doing their job and preparing the battle field for the upcoming fight.

Sir Jeffulot was pissed that Draven never showed for their battle, so he alone assembled the mightiest of warriors, Tracker, Bodhi, Iron, and Chewy. They all go storming to the castle door "DRAVEN!!!! Get out here and fight like a man" Sir Jeffulot screamed. But there was no answer. "Draven!!!" Tracker yelled, "Come on you coward, defend the crown!!!!". Still no answer.

It was Chewy's turn. "Let me.." Says Chewy, just as he grabs ahold of the door, and rips it from the hinges. All the warriors storm the castle, searching for Draven, but he was nowhere to be found. "Where could that Roody Poo Candy Ass be?" asks Bodhi. They search high and low.

They enter the royal armory, and they find all Draven's weapons, so they knew he couldn't be far. They search the royal chambers, and he wasn't there either, but the fireplace was still burning. They ended up in the throne room, and sitting on the throne was the crown, but no Draven.

"A land without a king!!!!! this can't be!" shouts Iron as he grabs the crown and puts it on his head. "Look at me, I'm King Kermit!!!!" as Iron starts to jump around like a frog.

Sir Jeffulot smacks him in the head "Act like an adult, and grabs the crown back." "There is only 1 solution" says Chewy, "I will be King, since I have never been king. I am a student of Trac-Kune-Do, I will wear the crown". "Ehhh, ehhh" says Bodhi, "the only solution is simple, we have the top 2 warriors fight it out, and that would be Tracker and Sir Jeffulot."

"Agreed" they all shout. "The battle will be Monday at 10pm on the new battle ground."

Outside near the edge of WadAsia, there was a cloaked figure with a massive build seen entering the woods, turning back only for a second to reveal those dark piercing eyes, then disappearing into the woods.
~ Property of the WadAsian High Council

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